Initial Meeting

The initial meeting between couple and videographer is a very important step in the process, as this is the point where the couple discovers whether their videographer shares their vision of the wedding, down to the smallest detail. To ensure a good understanding, the following agenda is used to guide the initial meeting:

CB Wedding Videography Initial Meeting Picture

  • The bride and groom describe the important moments of the wedding day and how they would like them to be captured
  • If needed, we will provide the couple with an extensive sample of wedding videos to help the couple generate creative and unique ideas for their video
  • Once the couple has decided on the key moments they wish to have captured, a detailed conversation is carried out to ensure that our videographer understands their wishes
  • When an agreement is reached, in which the couple feels comfortable that the videographer can deliver their requests, a contract is filled out and signed
CB Wedding Videography Preparation Picture


The majority of the preparations begin a few days before the big day. To ensure everything functions properly and the video will be a success, the videographer will prepare the following:

CB Wedding Videography Preparation Picture

  • all HD cameras are tested to ensure proper functioning
  • all HD cameras are adjusted to uniform settings, in order to ensure consistency of the final product
  • all audio equipment is tested to ensure proper functioning
  • all HD camera batteries fully charged
  • camera lenses are cleaned
  • tripods, glide-cam, slider, lights, stands and all other equipment is tested and prepared

The couple is asked to prepare the following:

  • choose a list of songs to be used during the different sections of the wedding video
  • provide a detailed schedule of the events of the wedding day (including times, locations and addresses), especially noting the important moments to be captured


Filming is the most important part of creating a wedding video, since it must be done precisely. After hundreds of videos worth of experience, we have developed a detailed overview of what most couples find to be the most important moments of their big day. This overview, together with the detailed schedule and key moments developed by the couple, ensures that the final product meets and exceeds the expectations of the couple. The content of each part of the filming process is unique to each couple, but in general will include the following events:

CB Wedding Videography Filming Picture

  • the environment (e.g. house, salon, street) is filmed to introduce the big event
  • details such as the dress, jewellery, shoes, flowers and special mementos are filmed
  • breakfast is filmed as one of the first events of the wedding day, ensuring that each member of the family and guests are captured in the video
  • special moments in preparation of the bride are captured, including hair, makeup, dressing, lacing, as the couple desires
  • the initial meeting of the bride and groom on the wedding day (“the Reveal”) is one of the most important moments of the day. Several cameras are used in order to have different angles for this special moment, which must be captured fully and accurately
  • depending on the tradition, the Reveal either happens at the ceremony (as the bride walks down the aisle) or before the ceremony, at an established location. It is filmed in whichever environment it takes place
  • the wedding ceremony is filmed using 4 cameras to ensure everyone is included and all of the big moments are caught on tape; one camera follows the bride and groom, one captures the audience, one follows the speakers/singers and one captures special details
  • wireless, high quality microphones are used throughout the ceremony for a clear audio stream
  • the photo session that follows the service is also captured as a key moment
  • the grand entrance to the reception as well as speeches are key moments in which multiple HD cameras and wireless microphones are used
  • dances, the cutting of the cake and all other reception events are closely captured, with special attention given to the moments mentioned in the schedule
CB Wedding Videography Editing Picture


Editing is also instrumental in the creation of a high quality wedding video, requiring hours of attentive work. The editing process consists of the following:

CB Wedding Videography Editing Picture

  • all of the video and audio footage is transferred to the computer and is backed up to an external hard drive for safety precautions
  • all of the footage is imported into the editing program and is thoroughly viewed and studied
  • a 3-5 minute highlights video is produced to be made available online within the first week
  • the main footage is edited with special attention to all of the key moments, and the music chosen by the couple in the preparation stage is incorporated into the video
  • the final video is exported and the main menu is created
  • the DVD or Blu-ray are burned and the digital copy is made
  • the final product is delivered to the client by or before the specified deadline